The AIP Diet and the importance of social contacts

The AIP Diet and the importance of social contacts

7 December 2023

In our modern society, where individualism is sometimes highly valued, we sometimes forget the deep-rooted need of humans for social connection. While we are preoccupied with careers, technology, and material prosperity, it is important to recognize that our ancestors lived in groups for centuries. In this blog, we would like to emphasize how within the AIP lifestyle, social contacts are crucial.

A significant social circle in the AIP lifestyle

A social network and support are crucial in following the AIP lifestyle. It can be a challenge to avoid foods that can cause inflammation, especially in social situations. By being involved in a community of people following the same lifestyle or supporting you in your process, you can exchange experiences. Sharing success stories and having a supportive network can be motivating. This makes it easier to stick to the AIP lifestyle. In earlier times, survival was a collective effort. Our ancestors understood that they needed each other to gather food. But they also needed one another to protect themselves from predators and other tribes. This collaboration not only provided a sense of support but also a sense of security. A strong social circle provides a sense of security and reduces stress and anxiety. Read more about the influence of the AIP diet on our stress battery here.

Cooking together with your social contacts in the AIP diet

The AIP lifestyle encourages the preparation of homemade meals with fresh, unprocessed ingredients. This provides a great opportunity to involve others and cook together. Organizing cooking nights or sharing meals with fellow AIP practitioners or enthusiasts creates a sense of community. It also inspires and introduces new flavors and recipes.

Within the social circle, our ancestors could share knowledge and experiences. Whether it was about hunting techniques, medicinal plants, or passing down stories and traditions, the group acted as a lively reservoir of information. This exchange of knowledge led to growth and progress, strengthening bonds between individuals. Even today, having a social circle is a source of wisdom and learning. Here we can share ideas and learn from each other.

Followers of the AIP lifestyle provide support

Following the AIP lifestyle can be challenging at times. Especially if you experience a lot of difficulties with your autoimmune disease or so-called "vague complaints" in everyday life. Read about those diseases in this article. It can also be difficult to avoid foods that friends/family can eat, leading to a sense of isolation. However, by being part of a social circle of people following the same lifestyle, there is a sense of empathy and understanding. Fellow AIP practitioners understand the challenges and can provide support during difficult times. This can alleviate the emotional burden and create a sense of connection.

Our ancestors understood that they could comfort, encourage, and motivate each other during difficult times. This resulted in a sense of connection and a shared sense of identity. In times of joy, successes were celebrated, and laughter ensued. Having a social circle means we have a network of people around us who support, understand, and accept us.

Organizing AIP events for social engagement

Although following the AIP diet comes with certain restrictions, such as bringing your own meal somewhere, this does not mean that social activities and events should be avoided. On the contrary, it provides the opportunity to be creative and find new ways to stay engaged. Organizing AIP-friendly gatherings allows people to come together and enjoy each other's company without compromising their lifestyle. Studies have shown that strong social ties have a positive impact on our mental and physical health. Read here how this can contribute to self-acceptance and acceptance of your illness. A thriving social circle reduces feelings of loneliness, increases our self-esteem, and gives us a purpose in life. Additionally, social relationships can reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and extend life expectancy. The importance of a social circle should not be underestimated when it comes to promoting our overall well-being.

Social contacts go hand in hand with an AIP lifestyle

Although the way we interact with each other has changed, the importance of a social circle remains essential. In a world where technology often connects us virtually, it is crucial to be aware of the quality of our relationships. Investing in genuine, deep connections with others can make a significant difference in our lives. Whether it's family, friends, colleagues, or people interested in the AIP lifestyle. Building and maintaining a social circle is a valuable investment in our happiness.

Looking back at the history of our ancestors, it becomes clear that living in groups and having a social circle is essential for our well-being and happiness. It provides support, safety, knowledge exchange, emotional support, and connection. Moreover, it has a positive impact on both our mental and physical health. In our modern world, it is crucial to recognize the value of social relationships. Furthermore, it's important to actively invest in building and maintaining strong bonds with others. Let's learn from our ancestors and strive for a thriving social circle that surrounds us all in the AIP lifestyle.

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