A busy lifestyle in combination with the AIP diet

A busy lifestyle in combination with the AIP diet

28 November 2023

The AIP diet is aimed at reducing inflammation in the body and supporting a healthy immune system. But what if you have a busy lifestyle? Running a business, a hectic workweek, caring for friends/family/pets, or various hobbies that demand a lot of time? In this blog, we will explore the right strategies for successfully maintaining a busy lifestyle with the AIP diet.

Planning is crucial

The first step is to grab your calendar and create a clear plan. If you prepare grocery shopping and meal preparation in advance, it will ease those busy moments. For example, plan a day during the weekend to prepare meals ahead and divide them into portions. This way, you can easily take these meals to work or other appointments, ensuring you always have an AIP healthy meal at hand. A good plan is also essential when you want to continue eating healthily on the go. Read here for more tips on eating healthily when you're away from home.

Cooking in bulk

By cooking in bulk when preparing meals, you can store things in the freezer to quickly reheat later. Additionally, it can be helpful to make easy AIP recipes that require little time and effort, such as pre-made coconut wraps or cucumber rolls with fish. You can also make recipes in a slow cooker or an instant pot, saving you from spending hours in the kitchen. Furthermore, a well-stocked pantry with AIP-friendly snacks is a lifesaver on busy days.

Stress management

As the last part of the AIP lifestyle, it is essential to manage stress and allocate time in your schedule for activities like walking in the forest. The AIP circle is complete only when there is a balance of rest (relaxation), regularity (good sleep & sufficient exercise), and rhythm (consuming the right food at the right times). Read here, for example, how walking in the forest can help with stress management. Plan your time consciously with only things that give you energy. It can also be helpful to keep a journal where you can put your thoughts on paper and write down three things you are grateful for each day. Small affirmations and routines can have a positive long-term effect, as they will stick in your long-term memory.

A busy lifestyle in combination with the AIP diet

Following the AIP diet with a busy lifestyle will certainly be a challenge at times! Want to know what you can eat on this diet? Buy our handy Yes/No list now. But with the right strategies and tips, you can successfully sustain it. It starts with creating a realistic plan that fits your schedule and commitments. Meal preparation is essential, and don't forget to allocate time for relaxation and self-care, as stress hampers your energy levels.

Also, remember that the AIP lifestyle is not just a temporary change but a lifestyle choice that supports your well-being in the long run. It may take some getting used to, but over time, it will become a natural part of your busy world. Indeed, when you can share your diet with others, you'll find that you can reap many benefits. Read more here about the relationship between AIP and social connections. Because healthy food without harmful additives will give you more energy. With determination, planning, and the right mindset, you can successfully maintain the AIP diet and discover that true happiness lies in your health. For more information about the AIP diet, take a look at our website.