Primitive nutrition with the AIP Diet

Primitive nutrition with the AIP Diet

13 November 2023

In our contemporary society, we are often inundated with processed foods, fast meals, harmful additives, and a hectic lifestyle. This has led to a growing need for a deeper connection with ourselves and our origins. Returning to our roots, where we can ground ourselves. Where food can help us establish a deeper connection with ourselves and support us on our path to well-being and authenticity. The term "primitive nutrition" invites us to go back to the foods our ancestors ate. By embracing unprocessed foods, we can look at nutrition in a completely different way.

What does the primitive nutrition entail?

The primitive nutrition emphasizes the consumption of natural and unprocessed foods such as grass-fed meat, green leafy vegetables, and wild-caught fish. Read more about these foods here. These foods contain essential nutrients that our bodies need to function optimally and provide us with the right energy levels. By nourishing ourselves with this "primitive nutrition," we give our bodies what it truly needs and create a physical foundation for a better connection with ourselves. This encourages us to truly listen to our bodies and observe how it responds to different foods.

Primitive nutrition in the AIP Diet

The AIP diet is based on unprocessed and natural foods. So, be careful with histamine, when you're histamine intolerant. Read about this more in this blog. By nourishing ourselves with the right nutrients, we can better understand our body's signals such as satiety, energy levels, or digestive reactions. Primitive nutrition also eliminates processed and refined foods that often disrupt our physical and mental balance. By opting for simple, nourishing foods in combination with the AIP lifestyle, we create space for relaxation and thus mental clarity. The AIP diet doesn't have to break the bank. Check out a few tips here to keep the diet as cost-effective as possible. This allows us to feel happier or establish a deeper connection with ourselves.

How the AIP diet works

Every individual is unique. This means that each person may react differently to certain foods. Within the AIP diet, we work with an elimination phase followed by 4 phases where "known" foods are reintroduced. See what you're allowed to eat with this practical Yes & No-List. This is to fully reveal which paleo foods your body needs and which foods may cause negative symptoms. This can help people regain a sense of control.

AIP Circle and primitive nutrition

That's why the AIP circle is more than just a diet. It's a way of life that can help us establish a deeper connection with ourselves. By returning to natural foods, often immersing ourselves in nature, and listening to our bodies and minds, we can embark on a path of authenticity, well-being, and inner connectedness. The AIP diet invites us to honor our roots and helps us get closer to ourselves in a world that can often bring distractions and alienation. For more interest in this primitive nutrition and the associated primitive nutrition recipes, purchase our meal plan!

And awareness of what you eat is incredibly important. Therefore, record what you eat, your thoughts about it, and how it makes you feel. Read more about the importance of jotting down these thoughts and feelings here.