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The thought train and the AIP diet

7 September 2023

Everyone has dealt with stressful situations at some point. It's a natural response of our body to assist us in coping with challenging circumstances. However, when we are continually preoccupied with various thoughts that keep racing through our minds, it can lead to an accumulation of stress. It can be helpful to write down your thoughts and feelings in, for instance, a diary. Read more about it here. In this blog, we will delve into this so-called thought train and how the AIP lifestyle addresses it.

What is a thought train?

A thought train is a sequence of thoughts that follow rapidly and uninterruptedly, without breaks or interruptions. It can lead to feelings of overwhelm, brain fog, anxiety, and stress. People who experience a thought train may feel like they have no control over their thoughts, and these thoughts keep recurring and building up. Typically, having non-stop thoughts is a result of an overactive mind. When we receive too much information and stimuli throughout the day, our brain may struggle to relax. This can result in rumination, worry, and negative thoughts that keep us trapped in a vicious circle of stress. We feel like our head is too full.

Restlessness in the head due to perfectionism

Another cause of a thought train can be putting too much pressure on ourselves to do everything perfectly. We want to do everything right and avoid making mistakes, which can lead to a constant sense of stress. This can especially be the case for people who are perfectionists or often give too much of their energy to others without receiving energy in return. It is important in this regard to consider the balance of your own battery and ensure you have taken enough moments to recharge. Read here more about your stress battery and how the AIP diet can help you to recharge.

Medications for restlessness in your head

In short, you must create enough opportunities to relax and recharge your energy. Options for this include a day at the spa, nature walks, picnics, or lunch with friends/family, painting, yoga, or cuddling with your favorite pet. For an overly full head, the complete circle of the AIP is crucial. The complete circle must be closed to form a whole. It cannot be the case that you eat well but do not sleep well. And a restless head leads to less sleep and a more restless night's rest. To create an optimal lifestyle, the entire lifestyle circle must be lived.

Bid farewell to that thought train with the AIP Circle

When was the last time you said "no" to energy drainers and purposefully took a moment for yourself to recharge? By adopting an AIP lifestyle, you can improve not only your physical health but also your mental health. Read more about AIP here. It can help stop the train of thoughts and restore a sense of calm and balance. Get on the right track and follow a path filled with warmth, relaxation, and peace where you are in complete balance both physically and emotionally. Every route has its challenges, but by taking good care of your "train," you become aware of your own actions, and the destinations are endless due to the perfect fuel. More interested in what this fuel might entail? Then take a look at our recipe book or read more blogs about the AIP diet.