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My name is Machiel (Mac) van Engelshoven. I am 27 years old and an AIP Certified Health Coach. I have gained experience in combating unpleasant symptoms through a modified diet. At the age of 22, I noticed that I didn't responded to food as well as I did before. After eating, I often experienced abdominal pain and stomach cramps.

How the AIP diet transformed my life. 

Not only did I feel physically unwell, but mentally I was not fit. I felt tired and had little energy. I thought my food was not being absorbed properly, harming my condition. The doctor suspected irritable bowel syndrome and referred me for further examination.

The examination revealed that I did not respond well to gluten. I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease celiac disease. As a result, I had to follow a gluten-containing diet for six weeks to establish a precise diagnosis. After six weeks, I received a list of recommended foods and a referral to a dietician.
Despite trying various diets such as vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, FODMAP, SCD, and Keto, unfortunately, I didn't experience any significant improvement. So, my search continued, and I came across an AIP-focused dietary pattern to calm my irritable bowel.
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Finally, I found a diet that made me feel like I was regaining a piece of my health. I didn't feel sick after eating for the first time in a long time.

This led me to delve deeper into AIP and create new recipes. The AIP diet became part of my daily life because I began feeling physically and mentally better. My inflammation levels significantly decreased after following the AIP diet for about a year. In the second year, they reached the desired level. During a medical check-up, it was found that even my intestines were starting to heal.

Now that the AIP diet is integral to my daily life pattern, I also want to become an AIP educator. Therefore, I completed the AIP Certified Coach Training to provide dietary advice and became a certified AIP coach. This is where my company, Aipcircle, comes into the picture.

Aipcircle represents the complete circle of the AIP lifestyle, of which the diet is a component. Stress, lifestyle, and sleep are all factors that directly influence our immune system and the level of inflammation in our bodies. By paying attention to all these factors, our bodies are better equipped to fight inflammation and support our immune system.

On my website, you will find various things:

- Information about the AIP diet
- Information about the AIP lifestyle
- Blogs about autoimmune diseases
- A free downloadable roadmap that shows how the AIP diet works
- A Yes/No List + Phases to guide you in implementing the AIP diet, clearly outlining
what you can and cannot have (this was a challenge for me in the beginning)
- A recipe book that I have written, featuring my key recipes that I used, especially in the beginning.
- Diet consultations
- Recipes described step-by-step

I know firsthand what it's like to feel that your body does not accept everything you eat. The feeling that food is more of an enemy than a friend. And especially the hopeless feeling of not knowing what you should be eating instead. This may be helpful to you in your pursuit of health.

Warm regards,
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